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Gastronomy: Snacks, Wine and Conventual Pastries

In the city itself as in the nearby towns, dont miss the opportunity to enjoy the best of what the Mondego region has to offer. Here are some our suggestions:


In a city of traditions, Coimbra has a wide range of "appetizers" to offer from pastries, cheeses, traditional bread and wine. Here are some places where you can taste these beautiful delicacies:

- Zé Manel dos Ossos - Beco do Forno 12 - 239 823 790

- Vinharia da Sé - Joaquim Antonio de Aguiar, 4/6 - 239 164 558

- Kabra Velha - Rua Fernandes Thomas 16 - 916 299 307

- The Tabern - R. Combatants of the Great War 86 - 239 716 265


Traditional Tascas

Very rustic and simple places, like the taverns.

- Pinto's - R. do Cabido 43 (next to the national museum Machado de Castro)

- Taberna do Romal - Largo do Romal 30 - 239 094 880


Traditional Dishes

In your trip through the world of flavors of the Center of Portugal, you can find some of the most appreciated specialties of the country:

- Leitão à Bairrada - "Nova casa dos leitões" - Kestrels (Anadia) - 231 518 025

- Arroz de lampreia - "Aeminium" - Rua dos Gatos, 14 - 926 395 743

- Cabrito no forno - "The Taverna" - Rua dos Combatientes da Guerra, 86 - 239 716 265


Traditional Portuguese food (Confrarias)

A group of people who together emphasise the promotion and defense of conventual sweets and traditional cuisine of Coimbra. Don't miss the chance to book a visit!

Traçadinho in downtown Coimbra

It is the name given to a mixture of drinks quite common in Portuguese taverns. The most usual is the mixing of wine with gaseous or  beer with gaseous.

- Pintos - R. do Cabido 43 (next to the Machado de Castro National Museum)

- Mijacão - R. Nova 8 - 239 156 997


Liquor Beirão

With more than 100 years, it is produced in Quinta do Meiral in Lousã (district of Coimbra) with more than 12 hectares where part of the aromatic plants and seeds used in its manufacture are produced here. Not only a national liquor, it is also exported by more than 40 countries.

Manufacture: Quinta do Meiral (Lousã) - 239 991 114 -


Wine Tasting in Bairrada

The Region of Bairrada is located in the coastal strip of the north center of Portugal. It is a region rich in water resources, and from its unique climate, soil and relief conditions, the region has 12,000 hectares of vineyards.

From many controlled denomination (DOC) productions, these are some recommendations:

- Luís Pato - Rua da Quinta Nova (Amoreira da Gândara) - 231 596 432 -

-Quinta das Bágeiras-Main Street nº598 Fogueira / Sangalhos - 234 742 102 -

- Kompassus Private - Cantanhede - 231 429 264 -

- Caves S. João - São João da Azenha (Anadia) - 234 743 118 -



Conventual Sweets

Coimbra is famous for its convents: Monastery of Celas, Convent of Sant'Anna, Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Velha and Nova, Monastery of Lorvão, Convent of Nossa Senhora do Carmo, Monastery of Semide, among others.

From their existence were created some of the most famous Portuguese sweets of all time left:

- Manjar branco ou maminha de freira - created in the convent of cells

- Pastéis de Santa Clara - originally created in the Monastery of Stª Clara

- Nevadas de Penacova - created in the Monastery of Lorvão

- Pastéis de Lorvão - created in the Monastery of Santa Maria do Lorvão

- Pasteis de Tentúgal - created in the Convent of N. Sr.ª do Carmo


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