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Coimbra, green city

Crossed by the Mondego river, Coimbra is characterized by its green scenery with a varied offer of Natural Heritage. There are many places of the city and its surroundings that are worth visiting during your stay at Penedo da Saudade Suites & Hostelbest that the region of Mondego has to offer:

Choupal National Forest

Narrated in many poems and sung in the fado of Coimbra, it is the scene of numerous sporting events: it has a tennis court, badminton, basketball, volleyball and a racecourse.

Directed by the ICNB, it is the most relevant green space in this city and the habitat of several birds such as the heron (ardea cinerea), nightingales (Acrocephalus scirpaceus), guardians (Alcedo atthis), blackbirds (milvus migrans), or (buteo buteo) and even some mammals such as the fox, the badger, and rabbits.

Lat: N 40 ° 13 '1.3326 "

Long: W -8 ° 26 '23.4312 "

On foot: 50min

By car: 4km

Contacts: 239 499 020 /


City's park

Grass area with about 4km of runners for pedestrians and cyclists. It also has a children's playground, pavilions for temporary exhibitions, and a pedestrian bridge named Pedro and Inês, elevated 10m from the level of river, which connects both sides of the city.

Lat: N 40 ° 12 '21.351 "

Long: W-8 ° 25 '42.4194 "

On foot: 20min

By car: 2km


Penedo da Saudade

Nowadays it is a landscaped place that gives name to our Suites & Hostel, but was once known as the Stone of the Winds where D. Pedro went to mourn the loss of his Inês,  being afterwards given the name of Penedo da Saudade.

In the XX century, when academic events occurred  there were placed tombstones in the "room of the courses"  corner and in the "retreat of the Poets" with verses of old students. Frases from writers like Eça de Queirós are found in this area, that offers a singular view of the city and the river Mondego.

Lat: N 40 ° 12 '17.9964 "

Long: W -8 ° 24 '52.239 "

On foot: 2min

By car: 200m

Botanic Garden

Located in the heart of the city since 1772, it curation was a order of Marquês de Pombal. It is considered a living museum of plants originating from all over the world, being created a place to study natural history to support medicine and its treatments.

Lat: N0 ° 12 '24.6132 "

Long: W-8 ° 25 '16.3704 "

By car: 500m

On foot: 5min


Jardim da Sereia

Recontructed between 1723 and 1752, the entrance of the Garden is facing the Republic Square, next to the university, and is crowned by three statues representing Faith, Charity and Hope.

The influence of the French baroque is evident in the alleys lined with laurels, as well as in the lakes, tanks, flowerbeds and decorative elements, namely the tile panels and the statuary. In the central area stands a sculpture of the Virgin, framed by two wings with fountains.

Lat: N 40 ° 12 '34.1568 "

Long: W -8 ° 25 '8.6622 "

By car: 1km

On foot: 10min


Trip in Basófias

This boat trip along the river Mondego lasts roughly one hour.

Its main attractions are the Ponte de Santa Clara, Ponte Açude, Praça da Canção, Lapa dos Esteios, Queen Santa Isabel Bridge, Quinta das Varandas and Ínsua dos Bentos.

Starting at: Cais Dr. Manuel Braga Park 

On foot: 20min

By car: 2km

Contacts: 969 830 664 /


National Forest of Vale de Canas

Located outside of Coimbra, about 3km on the Tovim road, towards Serra da Aveleira, near the village of Picoto dos Barbados.

It is located in schist lands, occupying an area 16 hectares.

Location: Rua Vale de Canas 3, Tóvim

By car: 6km



Shale - Piódão

Located in the Serra do Açor, this village was considered "property of public interest." Similar to a terraced crib, it is distinguished by houses built in shale and blue windows.

Largo Cónego Manuel Fernandes Nogueira

6285 - 018 Piódão

Lat: 40.2292867

Lon: -7.8250449

By car: 94km

Contacts: 235732787 /


Praia das Rocas - Swimming pool

This  1km river beach has an island in the center of the beach, with the country's largest wave pool, a bay, and a secular bridge.

An oasis next to the Serra da Lousã where you can enjoy a rowing, gullwing, slide, and climbing or rappel ride.

Praça Amarela, Apartado 42

3280-909, Castanheira de Pêra

Lat: 40 ° 0'17.50 "N

Lon: 8 ° 12'21.46 "W

By car: 58km

Contacts: 236 438 931

Serra da Estrela

It is the mountain chain of higher elevations of mainland Portugal. Its highest point, with 1993 meters of altitude, is called Tower. During your visit be sure to:

- Ski on the snow slopes (real or synthetic)

- Taste and bring with you the typical Cheese Queijo da Sierra

- Buy wool socks or contemporary design pieces in burel

- Admire the glacier valleys of Zêzere, Loriga and Unhais da Serra

- Discover the freshness of the river beaches during the summer

- Visit the Bread Museum in Seia

- Fly paragliding in Linhares da Beira

- Drink water from a spring

- Follow a long pedestrian route and discover the splendor of nature

Lat: 40 ° 19 '50.24 "N

Lon: 7 ° 36 '54.11' 'W

By car: 114km

Contacts: (+351) 238 317 762


Mira Beach

In the first part of the XX century this was a fishing village, whose everyday life can be seen in the Ethnographic Museum, working in a restored haystack.

Nowadays, with white sands surrounded by dunes and the Atlantic Ocean, it attracts many surfers. Having the National Forest next to it, the pine scent predominates, and it is where the Lagoa da Barrinha is found, with serene waters  excellent for sailing, canoeing or windsurfing.

Lat: 40 ° 27 '27.464 "N

Lon: 8 ° 48 '3.992' 'W

By car: 56km

Contacts: 924 473 751 /


Figueira da Foz

Located at the mouth of the river Mondego, it is the second largest city in the district of Coimbra. Recently, Cape Mondego (Serra da Boa Viagem) located on the outside of Figueira da Foz was declared a National Natural Monument.

With regard to its offer of beaches, you can visit: Leirosa, Quiaios, Cova, Cabedelo, Buarcos, Murtinheira, Claridade/Relógio, Costinha, Cabo Mondego, Mina, Tamargueira, Alto do Viso, the Northern Sauce, the Lavos Coast and the Gala.

Lat: 40Â ° 11'18.1Â ° N

Lon: 8 ° 51'13.7 "W

By car: 55km

Contacts: 233 422 610 /



Have a good trip!

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