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Coimbra, a Lesson of Love and Tradition

When talking about Coimbra, there is no escaping its emblematic University, students and academic traditions. Don't miss these unique experiences throughout the year, here at Penedo da Saudade Suites & Hostel:

Being Caloiro

Better known as the "Latada", occurs at the beginning of each school year in October, where the freshmen (students of the first year) parade through the streets dragging cans strung by wires.

The parade begins at the University and ends next to the Mondego river in Largo da Portagem, where the freshmen are baptized by the godfathers using a potty.

Start: Praça Dom Dinis, 3000-143 Coimbra - Lat: N 40 ° 12 '28.2846 "Long: W-8 ° 25'30.7554";

End: Largo da Portagem, 3000-337 Coimbra - Lat: N 40º 12 '25.74 "Long: W008º 25' 45.84".


Academic Suit

The Academic Dress has ecclesiastical origins, being composed of cloak and cassock. It should be borne in mind that until the eighteenth century the monopoly of education was the clergy, passing centuries later to the state. At the end of the nineteenth century, the main change was the definitive choice of long trousers. In the middle of the XX century the Costume started to have its entity uniformed until the present (long black cape, black jacket, social shirt, skirt or trousers and tie).


Academic Tunas / Serenata

In the sixteenth century it was customary for the students of Coimbra to sing in the streets of the city during night time. That habit was so ingrained in the city that today, on the first Thursday of the festival of Queima das Fitas in May, the opening moment of the students' party begins with the monumental serenade at the Old Cathedral: the moment when thousands of people gather of all ages to attend a unique moment.

Location: Largo Sé Velha, 3000-383 Coimbra; Lat: 40 ° 12'31.6548 "; Long: -8 ° 25'37815 "


Night Coimbrã

In Coimbra a legion of students have the habit to relax in the middle of the week (Wednesday) around the emblematic Republic Square. There are several places of choice:

   - AAC Bar - Rua Padre António Vieira, nº1

   - Jardins AAC - R. Father António Vieira 26

   - Café Moçambique - Praça da República 38

   - Murphy's Irish Pub - R. Almeida Garrett 1

   - Café Tropical - Praça da República 34

Parade of Queima das fitas

Known for the student party, where each one wears the academic attire, adornments with the colors of their course (can vary between ribbons or canes and top hats depending on the year you attend).

The parade of students with about 100 cars leaves the university and follows the route between the Largo of Dom Dinis and the Portagem with the seniors (students of the 4th year in the interior) that show the ribbons in the color of the course to which it belongs, toasting and offering drinks to those who watch the parade.



Coimbra has its own Fado being very typical and a symbol of the city. These are ur fado house suggestions:

     - aCapella - Patio Vitória 53 - 239 833 985 -

     - Fado ao Centro - R. Quebra Costas 7 - 239 837 060 -

     - Fado Hilário - R. Joaquim António de Aguiar 110 - 911 505 770 -




Mythical spaces of academic life, the Republics of Coimbra originated in the 14th century, when King D. Dinis had some houses built in the area of ​​Almedina to accommodate students of the university. They obey democratic norms and decisions are made by all members in charge of house management. Names like "República do Baco" and "Ninho dos Matulões" reveal the sense of humor of its occupants, at a stage of their lives without concerns.


Academic Acquisition Articles


Academic props and costumes can be found at:


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